I-Tech Voice Clip B3100 Μultipoint



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VoiceClip 3100 delivers convenient & SMART functions of a clip-style headset. It offers multipoint connectivity for simultaneous pairing with up to 2 devices. Android users can also FREE download the ‘i.Tech SMART Connect Android App’ and turn the headset as your personal assistant to check the remaining power level as well as remote control your smartphone.

Key Features:
Multimedia audio streaming
Support EXCLUSIVE & FREE “i.Tech SMART Connect” Android app~*
HD Voice Ready#
Multipoint connectivity
Configurable buzzer alert
Battery status indicator for iOS & Android platforms

Bluetooth version 4.1
Profile support: A2DP, HSP & HFP
Talk time: Up to 7.5 hours
Music time: Up to 7.0 hours
Standby time: Up to 120 hours
Operational distance of up to 10 meters

Box Content:
VoiceClip 3100 Headset
Micro USB Charging Cable

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